Inspired | Love your life

"Be in love with your life. Every minute of it."

This is something I have a hard time remembering when my life is changing and i'm not ready for it. Life is beautiful. Even the tough moments make the best moments even sweeter. 

I am going to be moving into my new place hopefully this weekend. I can't wait to decorate my new room and share on the blog.

Favorite Things: Neutral Style

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I am moving into a new apartment soon! It is just down the street from the place i'm in now but i'm excited to start fresh. This includes decorating my room. I have really been into earth tones and neutrals that work with everything. I have also been having an obsession with air plants lately. They are the only plant that I can keep alive. One day i'll step up my green thumb.

A Little Bit Of Color

I love that it is finally fall here in California. Not that it actually ever gets cold in California but fall is still one of my favorite seasons. I also love to wear is colored tights. It adds extra flair to your whole outfit. I am one of those people who is always trying to add as many obnoxious bright colors as possible. I think I have succeeded.


I first saw this quote here and fell in love. This could not be more true for me right now. I have had this blog for a couple years but only had posted occasionally. I am excited to get back into blogging again. Everyone in the blog world inspires my creativity on a daily basis and I hope I can do the same. 

This photo was taken a couple years ago in my second home of Chico, CA. I am always inspired when I am there so I thought it was fitting for this quote.